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I am Chad Vice, co-owner and operator of Championship Vinyl, an online record store. Lots of people are somebodies, and millions more are considered "nobodies". I want to bring you the stories of people of everyday and any day, because even if you think you are a nobody, you are always a somebody. The people I talk to are not famous, but they are all interesting characters. Every week, a new story, a new guest, a new friend. The Nobodies Are Somebodies podcast - listen for fun, hear for life!
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Dec 30, 2019

My guest this week is Stacey Magovern, in Fort Worth, Texas and she is telling me and you all about her company that she co-founded in 2014 with her husband called Point Blank Safety Services which is designed to help active police officers all over the state of Texas find paid-duty traffic control work outside of their regular shifts around the cities and towns that have construction contracts that need reliable safety officers to keep the workers and the public safe, which also provides a more stable and robust quality of life for officers and their families. It's a great endeavor and with great results, this is Stacey's story. Also find out what "the Last Supper" truly meant to her as a child! Thanks Stacey for all you and your family are doing

Blue Family Fund Non-Profit:

Point Blank Safety Services:




Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston

Dec 23, 2019

Sam Harman is the bassist of the band Void Vator, formed in 2014, and Sam is considered the "new guy" as the most recent member to join the band. Sam is telling me all about the band, the members, how the name was chosen, what they have been doing and a sneak peek at what they have coming in 2020. Look for big things from this band to come, and it was my pleasure to chat with Sam

Void Vator on Facebook:

Void Vator Music on YouTube:




Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston

Dec 16, 2019

I interviewed guitarist and songwriter Byron Nemeth of the Byron Nemeth Band about his career thus far: his beginnings in Ecuador, moving to the United States and forming his first band Sacred Heart. Thanks Byron for doing this, and thanks to Dori Evans for making this happen! The road to Winter NAMM 2020 continues!

Byron Nemeth:




Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston

Dec 9, 2019

This week I have Part 1 of 2 of my sit down with old work friend Chris Flynn, a man I knew over a 4 year period about 6 or 7 years ago, but of course in that environment you really only get to know a portion of who that person really is. So I welcomed this chance to sit down with him and have a nice long conversation about his life long before and long after I knew him, what brought him to our old place of work, what the tipping point to leave it was and where he headed on after that. In part 1 we hear about him growing up in Goose Bay, relocating to Ottawa, and getting into the Security field where we would cross paths in the infamous building of hard lessons...the Ottawa Hospital (TOH).

Chris loves to cook and share his meal creations, check him out on Instagram: @flynnies_foodies





Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston featuring his original track "Wintersleep" from his 2019 release 'Wintersleep'

Dec 2, 2019

This week I am chatting with actor Patrick Harney, raised in Michigan, and we chat about him getting the acting bug when he was convinced by his peers to take part in the school musical while he was still interested in sports (no relation to the plot theme of High School Musical!) and from there moved into college theatre and on to bigger and prosperous things. We chat all about that and of course, what his earliest childhood memory is growing up in the small town of Haslett.

More about Patrick Harney on the socials:

Patrick Harney on Facebook:

On Instagram / Twitter:


DPD Echo:

Patrick Harney on IMDB:



Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston

Nov 25, 2019

Shannon Wilk is my guest this week, an amazing young guitarist, rock journalist and photographer. who has accomplished a lot in her young years and has amazing taste in music might I say! Shannon was brought to my attention by Eddie Cantu, the same gentleman who is bringing the Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast to NAMM Winter 2020 in Anaheim California this coming January. 

Shannon tells me all about getting into guitar playing, the interviews with rock legends that grace her website and her love of KIX! She loves 80s hard rock and metal, and this was my opportunity to geek out with her on the music we love and what's coming up for her in her bright rock and roll future. We are continuing on the road to NAMM!!


Rockin Interviews: 

Rockin' Interviews on Facebook:

Dog On It Productions:

Dog On It Productions on Facebook:




Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston

Nov 18, 2019

Brian Frank is the singer of the band 'Killer Bee', and started his career in Toronto Ontario Canada, back in 1985 and by 1990, had fallen in love with life in Sweden and moved there permanently. In 1992 Brian formed the band Killer Bee and has released 7 studio albums since then - but now it's time for him to shine on his own!

Brian is releasing his first solo album project called "Celebrate Life" and with it comes a brand new single and video "It's Not the End" which deals with issues plaguing our society. Human Rights and the violations that occur within it, for example: genocide, human trafficking and others. Brian feels very strongly about the Witness program, co-founded by Peter Gabriel in 1992 that supports preserving video evidence of history's atrocities. 

Hear about Brian's music and his career, now in his own words here on this week's episode!


"It's Not the End" video on YouTube:

Brian's Official Website:

CD Baby Store:


Brian Bee Frank on Facebook:

Killer Bee on Facebook:



Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston

Nov 11, 2019

Well, it was bound to happen! I started making the rounds and now I appeared on someone else's podcast, because you all know that I',m always down with OPP - Other People's Podcasts! So for this week's episode, I am bringing you the audio of my appearance on the 'Who's The Boss' podcast hosted by David K. Montoya. Thanks to David for being a warm and gracious host, putting up with my constant rambling and maybe at some point in the conversation, I actually answered one of his questions directly! Here are some links on where to find David's podcast, and of course I'll plug that you can find ParaVice City, our weekly 80s rock and metal show on his network and now on Apple Podcasts!

JayzoModcast Network:

JayzoModcast Network on Facebook:


ParaVice City on the JayzoModcast Network Syndication:


ParaVice City on Apple Podcasts:





Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston

Nov 5, 2019

Actor Jeff JF Davis is this week's guest, known for roles in American Assassin (2017), Lethal Weapon (2016) and Criminal Minds (2005). We are chatting about his making the big move from Maine to California to pursue acting, growing up in Maine, as well some of the roles he has taken on, and what he's got coming up. I also dish (gush?) on his brief appearance on a little soap opera that I got hooked on in the early to late 90s, the Young & the Restless, and what soap acting is really like. This is Jeff's story.


Jf Davis:


Jf Davis on IMDB:




Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston

Oct 28, 2019

Eric James Morris is an entertainment professional who has spent a large part of his life expressing his love of the arts through music, acting in film and television, and hosting educational videos that focus primarily on building construction related topics. Eric is also an entrepreneur, and is always looking at different opportunities outside of the entertainment industry where he can involve himself and create success within those endeavors.

Eric is my guest this week on the Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast, thanks to the right awesome Steve Joiner who once again puts me in touch with some amazing guests. Eric holds nothing back as we discuss how he got bitten by the acting bug, his work outside of the acting field, some of his favorite roles ( and of course, one not so favorite role, which maybe we spend too much time talking about!) All this and more with Mr. Eric James Morris...right now!


Morris Enviro - Basement & Crawlspace Waterproofing:


Eric James Morris on IMDB:








Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston

Oct 14, 2019

Derek K. Long is an actor and producer, known for Tales from the Dead Zone, Failure to Adapt and Body Swap (2019).

Derek is telling me all about his acting career, how he got started, plus he is discussing what he can at this point in time regarding a new movie that makes an old school WWE wrestling fan like myself super excited! What's that all about? Find out now here on this week's episode of Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast!

Demo Reel of Derek K. Long:




Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston

Oct 8, 2019

Hailing from Lester, United Kingdom, not terribly far from the city of London, Mahmood Reza joins me via Skype from his work and after a long day of the numbers game where he was, he sat down with me to have a chat about his life, such as the different career paths and roles he had before he got to forming his own business, Proactive Resolutions, all the way back in 1995 from his bedroom and watching it grow to where it supports him and his family. Mahmood always knew that numbers and explaining how they work to people came very easy to him, and that led to being a teacher for a few years before moving on to work on the board of directors for a local brewing company, and helping them grow. It was at this point that Mahmood tells an interesting story about how it was time to get to another major life milestone - getting his driver's license! Get to know Mr. Reza right here on his featured episode

Proactive Resolutions:


Mahmood Reza on LinkedIn:




Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston, featuring his original song 'I Have Overcome the World'

Sep 23, 2019

Bill Foster is my guest this week, and we are chatting about writing, acting and producing his new feature film 'Showdown on the Brazos', from thinking of the concept to writing it and taking the script from 30 pages to 50 to 111 at the time of this interview. The movie will see it's worldwide premier soon, until then we chat about the premise of the movie, how much work and time goes into a movie like this, and why the town of Blanco, Texas was the right place to film a western. This is a very revealing look into the work and the production of a major movie comes together, and I enjoyed being schooled on this by Bill and his warm Texas personality! 


Showdown on the Brazos Facebook Page:


Bill Foster on IMDB:

Sep 16, 2019

Trey Olds of the Trey Olds Radio Show and Old's Oldies returns to the Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast and we pick up where we left off from when he last joined me via Skype. Trey has been continuing on with his talk radio interviews and spinning blues and Cajun music on his Oldies show, and we get more indepth of how his interviews have changed and developed since he first starting doing them in 2015. Trey also discusses living with high functioning autism, as well as touching on the creativity he has and how he's learned to get the most out of people when he brings their stories to life. Always interesting and a great sense of humor, welcome back to the show Trey!


The Trey Olds Radio Show on Facebook:

The Old's Oldies Show on Facebook:

Sep 9, 2019

Justin Dupuis has been working in and then later owning Jumbo Pizza in Rockland, Ontario, Canada since it's inception in 1997. Even though the small city of Rockland has about a dozen other pizza places, locals and franchises alike, Justin makes Jumbo Pizza stand out not only because of delicious and jumbo sized pizza, but who he is as person. Being a responsible and giving member of his community comes second only to the pizza and he displays this by supporting local charities, helping families in need in his area, and promoting family fun like coming to make their own pizzas in his kitchen or even sweeter, a ride in his beloved Lambo!

It's not just a great pizza place; visiting is an experience that is rewarding to all that enter the unique parlor of pizza. We sat down and recorded this interview right in his store, so all the pizza sounds (but no smells!) made it on to this recording. Bon appetite!

Jumbo Pizza on Facebook:

Justin Helping Ottawa Homeless Featured in the local CTV News:






Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston, featuring his original song 'In A Lonely Street'

Sep 2, 2019

In this podcast episode, I'm chatting with Sean DN, and he's discussing his new comic book series that he is writing (with his talented artist Krystal Hart) as well as talking about making his own alcohol at home and how he wants to launch his comic book/home brew beer under his 8 Bit Shinobi. Sean also has attended lots of ComiCons and FanCons in recent years and has met and got stuff signed from such heavyweight names like Mark Hamill, Stan Lee (RIP) and the voice of the 90s Batman cartoon, and many others. Sean discusses this and a sneak peak at the story of his comic series and the work that goes into it, as well as his dream of creating his company to leave a legacy for his young daughter to grow up in.

Sean is also hosting a contest on his Facebook group to win a Funko Pop vinyl figure of Legendary Super Saiyan Broly. Full details by following the link below:

Sean's Go Fund Me Campaign for an 8-Bit Shinobi Arcade Bar:





Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston, featuring his original song 'Spilling Out My Guts For You'




Aug 26, 2019

Recorded on location outside at Beau's Brewery located in Vankleek Hill, Ontario, Canada, with me Chad Vice, my sometimes co-host good buddy Fred and we spoke to the head brewmaster at Beau's, Kevin James (the funny one!) about the beer, the history of Beau's, how it expanded from it's beginnings, and where the brand is headed for the future. We sat out on the patio and chilled with some of their Raddler brews and got a nice chat in, which is this week's podcast episode. Don't mind the background noise of folks having fun on the patio!


Beau's All Natural Brewing Co. on Facebook:


Video of our Guided Tour of the facility:

Contest to WIN a 12PK of Beau's Beer:





Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston, featuring his original song 'Nobodies Are Somebodies Pt. 2'

Aug 19, 2019

On this special Prime Cuts episode of the Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast, I had the opportunity to speak to two members of one of my very favorite bands that I thought I would never see, or hear new music from again, Spread Eagle. Based in New York City and forming in 1989, they released two albums on MCA Records; in 1995, the band broke up, but reformed in 2006. Now in 2019, they have a stable band lineup and a smoking new album just released on Frontiers Records, titled "Subway to the Stars". I was first introduced to the music of Spread Eagle via a good friend who loved music from bands of the 80s and 90s that I had yet to discover. This was back in 2000. And all I had to do was start a podcast and wait for 2019 to interview Ray West and Rob De Luca, vocalist and bassist of Spread Eagle, and hell was worth the wait.

I hope you enjoy this very special episode as much as I do, and spread the word about the pure New York City street metal of Spread Eagle!

Thank you for the music and the memories guys!


Spread Eagle:

Frontiers Records SRL:

Spread Eagle NYC on Facebook:

My Spread Eagle Fan Group on Facebook:




Music featured on this episode is from Spread Eagle's new album 'Subway to the Stars': Sound of Speed, 29th of February and Grand Scam. Pick up the new album....NOW!

Aug 12, 2019

Joining me by Skype from his home in Newmarket, Suffolk, United Kingdom, Fergus is indeed the podcast genie. He became fascinated with podcasts as an entertainment medium and began to reach out to podcasters and influencers to see if they wanted to get together on different shows and create a blueprint for a podcaster community. The excitement of that growing helped his decision to create Podcast Genie, getting the right people on the right podcasts. 

This is Fergus, about the value of a good podcast, why he wants to help others, as well as his life and day to day career at home, from the man who brought me some amazing guests, now it's his turn to shine!


Podcast Genie:




Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston, featuring his original song 'Encore' from his latest album 'Son, Pray' available now!

Aug 5, 2019

News. Friends. Tuque De Broue beer. See ya on the porch.

Famous words by my special co-host Dave Logan for this 5th installment of our Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast News of the World specials. In this episode, we get Dave's take on the current government in power, his love of news/talk radio, his interest in the history of Canadian politics, as well as where he was when the news of 9/11 came down and his memories of that day in September 2001.

Serious content with great beer courtesy of Embrun Ontario Canada's Brasserie Tuque de Broue Brewery Inc.. Thanks to Dave for being a great drinking buddy for this episode, to Unpaid Promoter Maryse for setting up the beer donation and to Tuque De Broue president Nicolas Malboeuf for letting us enjoy his wonderful beer while just being our silly selves in this episode of the Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast. And remember, Mr. Logan's opinions expressed are his own and should be treated as fun times!


Brasserie Tuque de Broue Brewery Inc. on Facebook:


Enter our CONTEST to WIN BEER 
(until August 15th, 2019)

Dave Logan on Jimmy Fallon's My Dumb Bet Video:



Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston, featuring his original song 'Serpentine' from his latest album 'Son, Pray' available now!

Jul 29, 2019

Alyna grew up in a small farming town outside of Ottawa and early on she discovered that she felt and thought defintely than her friends and family. When she finally came out to her family she received support but her main outlet to finding support came from her own searching and talking to people who have and were going through experiences similar to hers. Now, she rocks the stages in drag, and puts so much into her look and performances. It is here where I asked about the shows, the processes, the do's and don'ts, what she learned, what she still has to learn, and what she feels is most important: being a beacon of hope and comfort for those who want to know and ask for guidance. Alyna is my guest this week and I learned so much, and I hope you the listener will have that same opportunity. 


More about Alyna:

Instagram: @theonlyalyna






Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston

Jul 22, 2019

Living in Fort Worth, Texas, and growing up on a farm in Kansas, this is the story of Donnie Boivin, a successful podcaster and builder of his own business from the ground up, but it did not start off as an immediate success.

Donnie discusses why he started podcasting, his experiences being on other people's podcast, motivating others to be their best in what they are doing and what they are passionate about. Donnie is a great storyteller and I enjoyed hearing about his previous career in sales in Corporate America, and the things he learned there that helped him and he carries with him now. He even gave me some great ideas for this here podcast, Nobodies Are Somebodies! What is a Success Champion? What does it mean to be a Success Champion? How do you define what a champion is? Donnie shares that and more.

Check out Donnie's Facebook groups below that he talks about on this show


Success Champions:

So You Want to Podcast Facebook Group:

Donnie Boivin: 

Fegus Matheson's Podcast Genie:






Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston, featuring his original song 'Son, Pray' from his latest album 'Son, Pray' available now!


Jul 15, 2019

So nice we did it twice. What? I say, so nice was Vice that we had to speak to Dan Emery twice. Actually, Dan's episode was recorded all at one time a few weeks prior when myself and sometimes co-host good buddy Fred sat down to grill Dan on his life and his experiences, and as we heard (and you should have too!) from last week Dan has a great story to share and the gift of gab to back it up! Here Dan takes through his last couple years in the Hospital Security department, his eventual jump to a more comfortable role in Housekeeping and how his now house of teen boys and girls are changing, while keeping up with it all and being a devoted husband and loving dad. This is Part II of Dan Emery, but surely not where the story ends! 

Since Dan has nothing to promote, this is where I will plug Nobodies Radio Station: Heavy Rock Radio


Nobodies Radio Station: Heavy Rock Radio:






Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston, featuring his original song 'One Last Time' from his latest album 'Son, Pray' available now!

Jul 8, 2019

Dan Emery is a good friend of podcast host Chad Vice and has been a long wanted guest of the show, and now that time has arrived. Joined by sometimes co-host Good Buddy Fred, it's old (some more than others) friends catching up, thinking of past times, and of course there just happened to be recording devices on scene to capture it all.

So nice we had to do it twice. I said it was so good it went longer than it should. Here is some of Dan Emery's story, more than just a mainstay in the security industry but a devoted husband and forever proud daddy, Dan is definitely the man this week!



Nobodies Radio Station: Heavy Rock Radio:




Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston, featuring his original song 'Starship of Hope' from his latest album 'Son, Pray' available now!

Jul 1, 2019

Benoit Chartrand of HempTek Builder named his business after he discovered a new way to build and secure a home - using hemp products and materials. After many years in the general contractor business, Benoit discovered and began to research the many health and productivity benefits of using hemp products, not only in building, but in food, clothing and other materials. Now he and his family stand by it and he continues to build a better life for himself and others with the natural properties of hemp. Want to find out more about that and what he found in his research? Hear it in Benoit's own words.


Hemp Tek Builder:

Video Interview + Tour Of Benoit's Home:




Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston, featuring his original song 'The Highest Mountain' from his latest album 'Son, Pray' available now!

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