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I am Chad Vice, co-owner and operator of Championship Vinyl, an online record store. Lots of people are somebodies, and millions more are considered "nobodies". I want to bring you the stories of people of everyday and any day, because even if you think you are a nobody, you are always a somebody. The people I talk to are not famous, but they are all interesting characters. Every week, a new story, a new guest, a new friend. The Nobodies Are Somebodies podcast - listen for fun, hear for life!
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Real People With Real Stories

Thank you for listening to my podcast

Aug 14, 2017

Spina bifida is a birth defect where there is incomplete closing of the backbone and membranes around the spinal cord.

Mary Villenueve lives with a physical disability every day of her life, but what's more telling is people who interact with her a more concerned with their own biases towards people with PDs than actually trying to educate themselves on what a persons challenges are. Mary tells stories of complete strangers offering to help her out, but the types of help they are providing are more harmful than good. She also talks about her life growing up and being raised the same as her brothers, which played a big role in maintaining her confidence that she now shares, and she credits her parents big time for this. She also mentions her supportive husband, and my former guest Eric. V a time or two.

Thank you to Mary. V for being candid and honest and educating about your disabilities, and how you turn them into different abilities.

Aug 7, 2017

Mitchell Chestnut don't break no rules, and he's got a story to back that claim up. I'm glad to have Mitch back in the studio for a follow-up chat, as when I last spoke to him, we discussed the passing of his mom, then 8 months fresh in his mind. Now, 1 year removed from her passing, Mitchell talks about what drives him now, his career and career goals, his education and future endeavors in Policing. We talk about the process to apply to be a Canadian Border Services Agent. Later on, We are also (rudely?) interrupted in the studio by two of my former guests stopping by to say hello and steal Mr. Chestnut away to gamble his money away at the local casino. It's a quick but interesting talk with Mitchell; thanks for actually coming back on the show!

It's also to be noted that this episode was to feature the unique stylings of my partner in crime, my good buddy Fred who was slated to co-host this episode, alas he had to bail out on me at the very last second. Curses! Maybe another time, then...

Jul 31, 2017

I swear, the 'Marie' names in this series are coincidental only, and not some sort of cheap gimmick... dot com!

Can one night change your life, even if you aren't a part of it?

My interview with Sydney Marie, is one I'm very happy to have to bring to all the listeners. I'm super proud of her and I am excited for her story to be heard. I pretty much based this whole episode around her (one) story because I felt that it just needed to get out there, to be heard, and it was something that could stand on it's own. Of course there's much more to Sydney Marie than just 1 night that started a chain of events that took her nearly 10 years to recover from - and never really, as it's forever changed her and her family's lives; but she's a stronger person for it, and now she knows who she can really count on.

Recorded in Toronto on The Esplande, my final (for now) interview in this 'Nobodies in Toronto' series also ends the long month of July, and what a month of guests! Here's to more. Thank you Sydney and thank you to all the listeners out there and to my former guests. Keep it coming!!

Jul 24, 2017

Welcome to the first part in the 'Nobodies in Toronto' series , and here is my first guest that I interviewed within the (barely) first hour of arriving at my temporary surrogate condo building apartment in the beautiful city of Toronto. Danielle Marie talks about managing and running a seniors retirement home facility, basically on her own shoulders, and all the challenges and rewards that come with that. She also discusses what she does in her personal time, what's left of it anyway, as well as her 'love' for the King, Elvis Presley! She then dishes on what a novice to Toronto should enjoy about the city.

It's part 1 of this special series, thank you Danielle for fitting this podcast somewhere in your stacked schedule.

Jul 17, 2017

How much did you ever want to know about Chad Vice? His childhood fantasies, his favorite music, movies, interests, and why he started doing business online? What was the one instant that triggered his sudden but now growing love affair with online commerce and later, podcasting? Denise 'Niagara Falls' Hawken gets down to the line and asks the tough questions, but is Chad man enough to answer them all? Find out, and so much more (maybe) on this, the 25th 'anniversary' episode of the Nobodies Are Somebodies podcast. It's so big, that Chad himself could not even host it!

Big thanks to Denise for being the host with the most. But maybe she should try watching that Beetlejuice movie someday??

Jul 10, 2017

I'm chatting with Canadian born Badr Elkorazati, who has his roots in Egypt, and I'm anxious to hear about daily life in Egypt as well as Turkey, both places he's quite familiar with. Right now Turkey is where his parents, brother and sisters currently reside, as his father is a member of the Canadian military serving NATO in the middle of a 3-year tour. Badr is in the studio to talk about how his parents met, his mother's conversion from a Protestant out of New Brunswick to following Islam, BEFORE she even met his father; plus his visits to those aforementioned countries and how they differ (or sometimes, don't actually) from western life. Plus, you can't ignore his infectious laugh!

Also, do you like listening to two people debate or question many "What Ifs" regarding current World Issues, homelessness, one world currency, and the Trump Administration? I thought so. Plus, can you tell the difference between a group of Americans and Canadians in one area? Badr says yes, and he tells us why.

Thanks for making a memorable podcast episode with me, Mr. Badr. And, as always, political opinions are those of the guests and not necessarily those of Chad Vice or the Nobodies Are Somebodies podcast. Stick around!

Jul 3, 2017

Stephanie Bertrand is a strong, determined and independent woman who has overcome a very serious time in her life, but even though that drove her, it's not what she is defined by. This is her story and I am so very proud to bring it you all, my amazing listeners! Stephanie quickly finds out which friends and family that you can count on (and one person who couldn't be counted on). She is discussing the whole story of her medical ordeal form the onset to the recovery, point by point and step by step, for the first time ever in an interview setup.

So we start by getting to know Stephanie before and after her experience and her working double time just to get back to the normal life she once had gaining a new job through her volunteer work at the hospital that she was initially treated at and how that has changed her professional career for the better. She also discusses in great deal some post surgeries and what those procedures have done and will continue to do, and future surgeries to come - their descriptions are not for the faint of heart. Stephanie also give a moment to recognize her medical team that helped her every step of the way and the length one surgeon is willing to go to to ensure she receives the treatment she needs to maintain her quality of life. It's 2 hours of power, the longest episode of the podcast to date. So stick around and get ready, this is a journey!

Also, a big THANK YOU to Denise "Niagara Falls" Hawken for bringing Stephanie to me and coercing her, er asking her, to do this podcast. Listen closely for a few times in the studio where Denise interrupts us. Kidding! Not really though, she's there... :)

Jun 26, 2017

Finally, it;'s here. It's recorded and it's ready for consumption; it's the final installment interview with my mom, the story-telling machine Mommy Vice, I finally get her one on one again for part 3 of 3, and this is an interesting and definitely dark conversation - it starts off discussing her current frame of mind and her expression of frustration over her current living arrangements and social status. From here, we pick up this discussion in the year 1990, where she meets my would-be step-father, Bruce, and she also talks about their troubled relationship spanning over a 13 year period.

We then talk about a very difficult year in 2004 as she deals with the deaths of not one, not two, but three family members in that same year. We also touch another difficult experience with her occurring in the summer of 1992. My Mommy also discusses meeting someone online on Zoosk and moving her whole life away to be with this man, her first and only time meeting a man on the internet. And finally, we end our eye opening talk on a positive note as I thank her for the interviews, the sharing, and for putting her life out there for the world to hear.

I think the world who listens will find something to enjoy and something unique to hear; Her motto: I believe! Thanks Mommy!!

Jun 19, 2017

This is the life of Chantal Venne, new to podcasting, both as a guest and actual listener, and she is talking about her life for the first time EVER anywhere to anyone with a microphone and a purpose, like me!

What happens after school, stays after school...but not really! Chantal talks about her career as an Outreach Coordinator who schedules fundraising events after school to raise money for different events, etc. We also talk about her love for Hawaii and the reason why she loves it so. She's a bit nervous being interviewed for the first time, but with Chad Vice's natural charm, we cut right through that quick.

So, here's a fellow Ottawa Valley child; here is Chantal "Don't Miss-pronounce My Last Name" Venne!

Jun 12, 2017

If you had to clean up or change the downtown core of your own city or town, what would you do? What would Eric. V do? Find out this answer and hear him promote the crap out of other things that are important to him and his wife Mary. It's Part of my talk with Mr. ECV of ECV Photography, and this one is not as intense for the faint of hearts out there (who I thank tremendously for listening to this podcast, by the way!). So without further adieu, we discuss homelessness and how he overcame it and what he'd like to see done to our fair city streets.

Oh yes, he also mentions his mother a couple more times. You've gotta listen to be taught!

Jun 5, 2017

Not for the faint of heart or ears, this solo interview with Eric V. (I mean, without his wife) has definitely got a good story in here somewhere, but reads like a random thought blog on the life and times of Eric Villeneuve, the man behind his ECV Photography business. Eric discusses more of his family drama and dynamics in this 1st of 2 part episode, it was so much that we couldn't contain it all in just one.

Originally it was just going to be a one-off episode for now, as he was late for a meeting with a client and had to leave the studio, so we couldn't talk for long; however, Eric reached out to me after the
recording of the show and asked to come back the following week and finish it off. How could I say no to that?

So we recorded this over a couple of weeks, and Eric's commentary and opinions are all his and as biting as ever. We talk about
his family and his time living on the streets and in a men's shelter, at the tender age of 15! His time living in a men's shelter has Eric discussing a shocking incident that occurred that nearly ended his life and has forever changed him. All this and more than you can stand, it is time for Part 1 with Mr. ECV

May 29, 2017

Not a Dr. Seuss character, but a funny character in her own right, Cindy Lou Who has traveled to many interesting places and also discusses her time living in Germany. I took my podcasting prowess to her home, and met her lovely household of animals; you can actually hear her dog, Hank, panting away in the background at many different points during the interview! We also discuss her plans for taking me away on one of her many upcoming cruises so we can do a podcast on location in some exotic places. Thailand, anyone?

May 22, 2017

WARNING: Any political opinions that are expressed in this podcast are of the guest's that do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the host, Chad Vice, or the Nobodies Are Somebodies podcast. 

Now that we have that out of the way; it's an interesting episode with a guest I've had waiting in the wings for awhile now, and he does not disappoint. He talks about a rough childhood, growing up in a single parent home and how that shaped the man he would be. Jason also shares some potentially frightening and dangerous stories about his time bouncing in bars and clubs, he has since left that scene behind to focus on regular security work and moving into a more positive role in life. It's a Victoria Day holiday in Canada, and this is a jam packed episode!

Join us also as we share a tribute to the legendary Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and what him and his music means to us. It's a loss for words as the shocking news of the singer's death hits us all hard and we share what positives the legendary frontman and songwriter has brought to our lives. Join us to celebrate Chris Cornell. Much love and thoughts go out to his family.

Rest in peace.

May 15, 2017

Probably the youngest guest I've had on the show thus far, McKinley Townsend is here and to celebrate that, I finally was able to convince my good buddy Fred to be a co-host for this episode. Cool beans. Since Fred knows her best, he set me up with her to be a guest on the podcast and I am very thankful for that.

McKinley discusses where she's from, how her name came to be, a potentially horrific car accident that she was in and was able to walk away from, and even hints at a possible trip to California for us and taking this podcast on the road. Cool beans, indeed. Here's McKinley Townsend!

May 8, 2017

Everyone needs a little TLC, right? I don't mean the TV Network. I don't mean the awesome song by country group Alabama. I don't mean one of the more popular wrestling style matches. I don't even mean Tender Loving Care! No, this is some TINDER loving care coming at you this week. Stories about the fun of online dating? I've got two of them here for you! I even have a story of my own, kind of, but you'll have to listen to hear how interesting it is. Spoiler Alert: It isn't.

It's a quick one while (he/she)'s away for you, some special outtakes from a couple previous guests. So, have a listen. And share it with all those out there thinking of or currently using TIIIIINNNNDERRRR!

May 1, 2017

'One might assume I’m referring to a pot of gold. My rainbow represents Autism Spectrum Disorder; and my child, like so many others, is on the spectrum. Approximately 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. These numbers continue to rise. Families living with ASD face many challenges. Whether emotional or financial; these families are drowning. We can look away. We can throw in a life preserver…or we can jump in to save them. It’s that easy.'

These are words from Christine Frances Poe, from her website, I took a roadtrip to meet her and speak with her about how she is raising Autism Awareness and what Tikko is, and in turn she talks about who her son Dorian is through his favorite stuffed polar bear, Tikko(TM). She's an amazing wife, mother, and person. It was a windy April day when we recorded this on location in Milton, Ontario, Canada, at the Everything Family Show, and I hope you all will be blown away by her story. Or rather, Dorian's story. Special mention to Special Books for Special Kids (SBSK on Facebook) creator Chris Ulmer. Change the World.

Apr 24, 2017

What's the difference between Niagara Falls, Ontario, Niagara Falls, NY, and Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario? I have no idea. And if you don't know them either, you've come to the right place for answers. My guest this week Denise answers those burning questions and discusses her life and times between leaving her home in Niagara to moving to the big scary city of Toronto then finding her way up to the sweet and mild mannered city of Ottawa. She also talks about visiting one of baseball's most legendary places, Wrigley Field. No pictures?? Enjoy Denise's story!

Apr 17, 2017

It's Fred, Fred, Fred in this Fred-o-rama special! My good buddy Fred has infiltrated the podcast this week; he's all over the intro, the guest spot, and the outro. If you liked his first episode, which was also the Nobodies Are Somebodies podcast's premiere episode, you are going to love this. And if you did not like it, you will absolutely not like this one either. 

Fred talks more in depth about starting his own business and the legacy that doing so will provide for him. We also discuss a little music that we both love and he gives an award winning impression of yours truly, Chad Vice. Now how about that?

This is most definitely a Fredaganza special, as he was even present with me in the Nobodies Are Somebodies podcast studio to assist with editing the episode and recording some extra content. Fred, we can't get enough of you, but after this episode, let's see other people, shall we? Kidding! Happy Easter!!

Apr 10, 2017

A second sitting with my Mommy Vice, originally recorded later this past Christmas day. My mom is getting a bit more comfortable with the talk and we have a more enlightening conversation on Part Deux.

She touches on some controversial subjects and discusses her feelings and mindset during some personal struggles within her family at the time and with some alcohol abuse, all the while coping through it all, here she reveals some situations and stories that I never knew about, but I am happy she felt comfortable to share them with me on an adult level, so we were able to achieve a little bit of personal growing for both of us in the process.

Apr 3, 2017

Eric V. drops by the Nobodies Are Somebodies studio to check in and help me celebrate my 10th 'anniversary' of the podcast, among other things and we discuss his "love" of opening introductions to the podcast.

Then, the featured show: my first ever recording, first time ever de d'ever recording on a podcasting format, on this past Christmas day 2016, so I traveled to my mom's place about an hour or so out of town. she was having a tough day, emotionally, not being with family during the holidays, so this was just a quick chat that turned into to an insightful an interesting conversation. We kind of go back and forth on the stories and the details as she is trying to remember situations from back in the late '50s to the late '70s, and some interesting tidbits come up. This is a real and raw conversation, warts and all, and here it is

Mar 27, 2017

Mr. Music Kevin Ganley is back and he's talking about all his latest meet and greets, like meeting a very special drummer who is not Eric Singer, and the surprise meet and greet that came about behind it. We also started off the show talking about his experiences with most of the cast of the Sons of Anarchy TV show, as well

This episode is our pre-show "party" before we saw the John Corabi acoustic show later that evening. The episode was recorded on March 15th 2017, and we ran through this convo real quick as we needed time to pack up, drive to McDonald's for some food, and then off to the show. After the heaviness and serious tone of the previous episode, it's time for a show that should not be taken seriously, in any way. Look out for more wrestling talk too. Bret Hart, anyone?

We also did some Facebook Live! footage of the show, which was better if you watched on mobile because my phone was turned the wrong side. Oops!

Mar 20, 2017

"Brother" Mitchell Chestnut is not my brother, but he's got a great reason to be referred to as such. We start the conversation off light but then get into a darker subject and time in his life, but like all good stories, there is a positive outcome and I am glad I was able to capture his story. Mitchell is just 21 years old but has a wise and astute look on his life and goals.

A late night talk and real story, thanks to Mitch for being open and, well, real

Mar 13, 2017

Welcome to part 2 of my interview with Naz, and we pick up right where the last one left off, literally I mean in mid conversation because my editing skills were lacking that day! He has a very direct and methodical way of speaking, putting me Chad Vice to shame.

This was an episode that I waited to get for quite a while for various reasons, but it is worth the wait, it's what this podcast is all about: Great conversation and getting to know people. So get to know Naz better and enjoy the final part of this interview. Also, gamble smart. Naz will tell you how!

Mar 6, 2017

An educational episode to learn by. Getting some culture and a bit of history, with a dash of politics and war topics thrown in for good measure! This week's episode is my friendly giant known as 'Naz' Nazir Chamas, and he's got some interesting views on life and he shares all.

This will be a special two-parter as one episode simply could not hold this man. We kick it off with the history of the hookah pipe and break in the middle of law enforcement in his native Dubai vs. the law enforcement of officers North America, how they differ and some of his experiences with both. Classy!

Feb 27, 2017

This episode is a double bang for your buck, because here are not one but two guests featured, my friends Eric and Mary Villeneuve, a husband and wife combo, and they are discussing of course how they met and fell in love, the big proposal from Eric and how they are looking to their future. They also discuss some serious topics like going through life with physical disabilities and dealing with certain members of their family that just don't "get it".

It's a long one so be prepared but also be informed and be entertained. Bonus: we get some fire safety tips along the way. 

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