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I am Chad Vice, co-owner and operator of Championship Vinyl, an online record store. Lots of people are somebodies, and millions more are considered "nobodies". I want to bring you the stories of people of everyday and any day, because even if you think you are a nobody, you are always a somebody. The people I talk to are not famous, but they are all interesting characters. Every week, a new story, a new guest, a new friend. The Nobodies Are Somebodies podcast - listen for fun, hear for life!
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Real People With Real Stories

Thank you for listening to my podcast

Feb 19, 2018

Meet Penelope Goranson, singer/songwriter/actress/model and breast cancer warrior. We touch on many different topics and all are ones that I want to explore more of, but we were short on time as her and her husband Kent (big thank you to him for letting me record in his telescope shop) were heading to another appointment, but still I'm so grateful for the time that I got, and she also played live for me, right then and there, her original song 'Stargazing' written as a gift to her husband, which you'll hear right here on this episode. We also talk about how she went to live with her aunt in Scotland when she was 17, how she started a challenging modeling career, and how she met Paul McCartney?! And of course, some other stuff.

I also feature in the show some more music from the awesome Matthew Johnston and as well, Chad Vice visits the Apple Store. What a trip!


Jason's Lacombe's LoneWolf Productions: Launch Party April 6th, 2018. Details here

Lisa & Rebecca's Secret Life of Wed's podcast:

Matthew Johnston on SoundCloud:

Feb 5, 2018

Bullying is described as: a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.

synonyms: persecutor, oppressor, tyrant, tormentor, intimidator

When we think of bullies we think back to our high school years, and even though it was horrible when we went through it and we felt alone, and at the time, it was the only thing that consumed our minds. We would now probably look back on it as just part of growing up and it made us who we are today. But what was happening to us was not right then and it's still not right now. In this day and age it seems like the levels of violence and personal humiliation that some will go to has been taken to another level, like cyber bullying and things like that. Attacks are more personal and more random than ever. I spoke with a young man, 14 years old, who was recently the victim of a serious physical attack at the hands of another youth whom he didn't even know, and all over a new haircut? Now he wants to speak out on bullying, and not just about what happened to him but about bullying in general and how he personally advocates to bring a stop to bullying in his school and in his community.

Jan 31, 2018

You can't have a show, you don't have a big guest. You don't have ANY guest for this show. How can you just release a "Best Of" episode an expect people to tune in to that? They've heard this content before. It's not like you're on TV and get away that!

These are things that no one has said to me, but thoughts have crossed my mind about ending the Nobodies Are Somebodies podcast after the 1st season after all, because I, Chad Vice, have been struggling to find new folks for the show over the past couple of months. With not being able to secure a big time hoped for guest for my big 50th anniversary show, was this the final straw to push me in to podcaster retirement, as it were?

You'll have to listen to find out!

Jan 22, 2018

Being caught in the middle of things, people and situations, just like this episode, is no fun. But I really had no choice here.

You see, I'm a nice guy and I love helping my friends while also helping myself. So when my friend Eric says he needs a guest for his upcoming podcast episode, I am helping to help, and I can also use this time to test some over the phone/internet recording software for this show. WIN.

The results however show that this was indeed just a test and that in no means should this be considered a planned or well thought out constructed show. The sound drops and fades, the content is loose and unorganized, the jokes aren't funny and the background noise is atrocious (never record in a busy home, silly me!) Nevertheless, because the program I was using was not working as intended, and I could not use it for my planned guest, well you get me setting up Rachel and Eric to talk, and then me butting in to promote myself at any given moment. You're welcome. 

Thanks for listening as we cap of the end of Season 1 and looking forward to an even bigger next season to go!

Jan 15, 2018

It's News of The World Time, Part Deux, once again with my co-host for this week, my good buddy Fred! He's joining me at my lovely apartment to discuss some things we heard and saw in the news into the new year, but the main feature that this show winds up being about is my ongoing war with the drive thrus of McDonald's, and one specific store in my local area that gave me the most hellish time ever completing a mobile app order.

A ridiculous waste of time, or a ridiculous premise for a show - YOU DECIDE. Thanks for listening, and if you were expecting a big blockbuster 50th episode, you've come to the wrong place. That episode airs in two weeks. You are welcome.

Jan 8, 2018

Due to the flu and a loss of my precious voice, I am not able to conduct a proper interview for this week's episode. I will prove it however, as I did record some quick intros, outros and an outtake so you can all hear my wonderfully awful vocal chords in action. I mean I have to give the people what they want, right? And by that token, this episode is really all Chad Vice all the time

I've included a re-broadcast of an episode from back in February 2017, episode number 4 entitled "Chad No Guest? Vice". I thought this might be a nice way to show my newer listeners (both of you!) a little taste of where I came from when I was first starting this podcast, as I make my way into Season #2 coming shortly here in 2018. In that episode, I talked about me and why I started a podcast, and fully admitted that I could not score a guest for that week!

So please enjoy, thank you for listening to my show and would love to hear all comments and feedback, it makes my show better and I appreciate engaging with you, the loyal listener.

Jan 1, 2018

HeroMario, or also known on his YouTube channel as HeroMarioGaming, if that his is real name, is a 15 year old avid gamer and he joins me on this episode to tell me abut what games he loves, Happy New Year. We discuss how he got into gaming, what his first game was, what he currently plays, and of course what games he's looking forward to in the future. Oh and I also ask him if he's any good at school in real life. Because that stuff matters - stay in school kids! Get a good education

Find him on YouTube and watch him in action!

Also, in this episode I mention some podcasts that I started listening to. Here are the links to them for you to check out:


Dr. Amber Baker - Go Friend Yourself Podcast

Workshed Podcast with Ian Lawton

Glistening Particles with Jane Ellen

Story Untold with Martin Bauman

(NOTE: In this episode, I mistakenly refer to this show as 'Untold Story' My apologies Martin!)

Dec 25, 2017

It's a wonderful Christmastime with the Nobodies Are Somebodies podcast, and I'm joined by my good buddy Fred, who is my co-host again for this episode as we power through some family Christmas traditions while eating and drinking and basically just having a good time. We also have a check in with Tikko Travels author Christine Frances Poe who tells me all about her What's In Your Sleigh fundraiser that was held back on Dec 7th 2017, and she also passes the mic to her son Dorion for a little re-interpretation a stand-up comedy routine. And what would an episode be without another Holiday themed 20 questions with Richard Mystery! I read off his answers and hopefully, the 3rd time's the charm to get him on mic and in color on this show. Fingers crossed!

A jam packed episode awaits you, Happy Holidays and a healthy New Year to you and yours. Stay safe out there and listen to metal!

Dec 18, 2017

On this episode my good buddy Fred drops by to talk about his new venture: selling online. Every one needs money, especially in this holiday season and if you have the time, patience and merchandise (time, love and tenderness?) to sell then you best be doing it. We talk about local selling and some of the pratfalls of dealing with the buying public, and we touch on some best practices and of course, the dreaded shipping. I personally compare the USPS to Canada Post. And the results are boring if you are not into this type of thing!

I'm also still on the hunt to get Richard Mystery on the show, in conversation, but...he likes to remain elusive (exclusive). So help me convince him, and in the meantime enjoy this quick episode as we glyde in nicely to Christmas

Dec 11, 2017

Chantal Venne joins in my car, seemingly my new 'on the go' studio now, for a quick chat from her break at work. You remember, that job she has where she organizes parties in the Catholic schools after hours for events, and she's telling me all about her wicked awesome deadly party that she and her family had this weekend!

Technical difficulties: My computer battery decided to konk out as I turned it on in the car, and thus I could not record her on my microphone properly. So, I turned to my trusty Samsung Galaxy S4 and recorded her the old fashioned way: voice recorder free on the Google smartphone. I won't be stopped when it comes to this podcast. Hope you enjoy this little episode this week. Oh and I also discuss how it's hard to secure guests for the show during the opening. Shout out to everyone out there preparing for the holidays and can't wait for more awesome guests and show features to come in the new year!

Dec 4, 2017

This week's episode starts of the another 20 questions from Richard Mystery and this time, I think I asked better questions and got some better answers. The best part? I read them and read his answers all by myself. Exciting right? Now, let's get him on this show for real!

Then I have a conversation, in my car of all places, because I like to find new places to record, and speak with a young lady who's been through some horrifying experiences in her life at the hands of others, and I'm happy to say that in the end, it's only made her a stronger person. Hear Leah's story as she wants it to be heard, honestly and completely. Hear how her faith in the church and the Lord has pulled her through and keeps doing so today. I'm thanking both of my guests for another great episode.

Nov 27, 2017

This episode will be a simulcast episode with my friend Eric's show, the Open Topic Podcast. We combined our shows for one special Monday and basically interviewed each other. And we covered all the cool topics like war, religion, gay rights, codes of conduct on a podcast, and last but not least, my family.

Hope you will enjoy this joint venture episode and be sure to listen to both our it at the same time!!

Nov 20, 2017

Silence is acceptance

That's a powerful statement and one that is made towards the end of the interview with my guest Marion Frame, making her Part II return after being unable to participate in the following week of her last airing interview due to some illness and some personal crisis. She is back, and she's got a lot to say as this interview takes on a decidedly dark turn from the origins of her family name, to some disturbing times in her family history found through tracing back her roots. It's a unique journey and I am proud to bring it to you. Thanks Marion for being so open and honest.

If you are struggling with or know someone who is in your family or circle friends who is a victim of abuse - talk about it. There are services out there to help and you can remain anonymous. Silence is acceptance. Consult the services available in your area today, don't wait until it's too late.

Nov 13, 2017

I have an interesting interview coming up with 'RICHARD' here...a future guest (I hope!) that I'm trying to woo into doing a full on interview on the podcast some day, but like all good things they take time to produce and nurture, so that's what I am doing here; giving him just a taste at what it's like to be in the 'hot seat' as it were, as I provided him with a light-hearted questionnaire to complete we could all get to know him a bit better.

My big thanks to him for being a good sport, answering all the questions and giving this episode a unique theme. The campaign starts NOW. GIVE US RICHARD. GIVE US RICHARD. The audience has spoken...

Nov 6, 2017

Shawna 'Dual Citizenship' Robinson is pretty cool - she's toured so many different places and so many wonderful and unique experiences and done it all at a young age. Puts me to shame. Luckily, I am still pretty young too.....

On another note, we of course discuss her travels, how she was bitten by the travel bug (the good kind!), from a planned school trip to travelling on her own, where she has been and where she plans to be going. We talk about what life was like for her living in Copenhagen, Denmark for awhile on a student visa, how security and safety awareness has changed in recent times during terrorist attacks in many countries, her visit to the Canadian soldiers grave site at the beaches of Normandy, and also we discuss where she plans to settle down and work in the future. I'll give you a hint: it's not Canada! Plus, you also may have her to hold responsible for your bus schedule in the near future. 

Take a journey on this podcast interview, thank you Shawna for being a sport and entertaining me and all the listeners for the next hour.

Oct 30, 2017

Denise is my extremely unpaid agent who does a lot for my podcast behind the scenes and sometimes on the scene itself, and her importance to my little podcast cannot be denied. So here is her payment: an(other) episode all to herself! She's all over this episode and it shows, intro, outro, and all! She fills me in what her substitute vacation plans were, how the hurricane affected her friends and family down in the southern states, and what she plans to do to make up for her 2nd missed trip (will she even make new plans with me ever again??) Join me for this light-hearted episode, and you heard it here: she promises more unique guests to come! Also, find out what SNW means. It's not worth the wait but listen for it anyway

PS: Denise hates reading...she loves cheese...

Oct 23, 2017

For the second straight episode in as many weeks, I'm doing an episode based around a tribute to a fallen musical hero of mine, and this one is Canadian music legend Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip. Diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2015, the band embarked on a final tour in 2016 as a goodbye and thank you to the friends and fans of the band across Canada, the last show from their hometown of Kingston Ontario Canada was broadcast live on the CBC network for all to see and live through. I was not fortunate to catch them on this tour or any others, but the music lives on in my mind and in my heart. You are Canadian. You love the Tragically Hip. End of story.

Mr. Music Kevin Ganley of course joins me again to express his thoughts and love of the band, as we did with Tom Petty the week prior. Please, leave our musicians on Earth. We are still enjoying them! Take this time and thank your family and loved ones. Nothing is promised, especially our tomorrows

Oct 16, 2017

Marion Frame is enjoying the nature walks in the beautiful unencumbered trails of the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia, Canada, and when she is not doing that, she is running the local bank, and when she is not doing that she's helping organize donation and relief efforts to the many people who lost their homes and were affected by the massive brush fire that took apart the city of Fort McMurray in Alberta in 2016, and when she's not doing that she's enjoying a peaceful and quiet existence in the little town of Medicine Hat, Alberta, and when she's not doing that...well she's busy telling me all about those aforementioned items on this week's podcast episode. So we discuss all of this and her absolute hate for the conglomerate known as Walmart, as well as staying safe while walking unpatrolled and unmarked trails in the mountains. Sounds like a good episode? Good stuff. Because this is only Part 1....

Also we kick off this week's episode with a call to Mr. Music Kevin Ganley and we share some thoughts on the recent sudden passing of the legendary Tom Petty, and how much his music meant to the world. This episode is jam packed, I hope you enjoy it!

Oct 2, 2017

If you ever wanted a history lesson or a behind the scenes look at Starbucks and how it really works, listening to this podcast episode with the return of Rachel O'Byrne will give you that fix you need. She's happy in her new job as a smiling, and never grumpy or tired Starbucks barista, and she shares some  stories and what her experiences have been like working at her local cafe so far.

She also talks about a new edition to her family, and her new found happiness after over coming some personal upheavals in a previous personal relationship. This time, we got to talk for a full hour or so, and I promise, no dropped phone calls. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that this was a phone interview again! So that means that this interview was basically recorded live and inputted right into this episode with editing, so what you hear is what you heard! Right?

Sep 25, 2017

It's experiment time! This week's podcast is me checking in with some of my former guests, via telephone! Some of the people that I reached out to were not available right this very Monday as I decided that this would be this week's episode this very morning. But I found 3 former guests with absolutely nothing better to do on a Monday morning and I tested out my calling recording software via Callture and had them call me to give me a quick update on how their lives have been going since I last talked to them. So bear with me as I try this call to call podcast approach. It's a work in process, just like the Nobodies Are Somebodies podcast.

The one common theme here? Each person is happily starting a new career or venture and their lives are nothing but positive these days it seems, and that is a good thing. Also, yes to answer your burning question, one of these check in calls was with my good buddy Fred!!

Sep 18, 2017

Life happens. Everything happens for a reason. What is the reason and what makes it happen.


Questions that I can't answer that happen everyday to everybody, and we all deal with it in different ways. My family went through a bit of a crisis and a medical emergency 2 weeks ago over the Labor Day weekend. I'm sharing some of that story with you all now. Some things I won't be able to share now, but take this episode as a small window into my world. 

Also, because I like to lighten up situations, I have a rant about my local McDonald's that I needed to get off my chest. I mean, why not right??

Thank you for listening.

Sep 11, 2017

Talking to Nancy about her community involvements, from taking studies for a career in social work to working at the local food bank and discussing the services that they offer as well as talking about some of her experiences working with persons in need. We then move on to talk about stories that her parents have shared with her on how they immigrated (fled) to Canada from Vietnam by way of Indonesia during the mid-1980s and what life was like when travelling by boat to a foreign land to a safer place. She also shares how her parents met during this time. She uses the term 'boat people' and we talk about what that really means in this situation.

Nancy also shares stories that her grandmother has told her about life in Vietnam during the infamous war in the 1960s, and how the country was before and how it had changed forever after the war. And finally, we take on the hot topic of Nancy checking out this podcast for the first time to get a feel for it - which episode was her favorite???

I hope you enjoy this episode, Nancy spoke of a lot of topics that really interested me as a fan of history and historical time periods. I hope you get some great insight from her conversation as I did. And remember - Donate to your local food bank today - everything we do helps!

Sep 4, 2017

An F-Road is not what you might think it is on first hearing the term mentioned, but Jason will set you straight. Here he recounts his entire road trip around the country of Iceland, from the planning stages to some paperwork red tape to the coming home and all the adventures and site seeing he and his best buddy Jesse encounter while there. Jason also elaborates on the cultural and lifestyle differences they experience in a foreign land, as well as discussing a couple of potentially near death experiences that could have actually threatened his ability to return to Canada, well, alive. But there's also beauty to be found, such swimming in the Blue Lagoon spa and checking out those famous Northern Lights.

Jason has also posted pictures of his trip here in a public Facebook photo album for your viewing. Click the link below to see pictures of his trip. WARNING: the Nobodies Are Somebodies podcast or Chad Vice are not responsible for the pictures and content seen - these are taken by Jason and are property of his only. Email me for any inquiries regarding images.

So, spend an hour long conversation with the White Rabbit in Iceland and get a glimpse of where he will be 'hopping' to on his next major trip.

Aug 28, 2017

Dayton goes through his whole life story from the age of 4 up until present, and since it's the first time that he's ever tracked his own story, we jump around a bit but it still flows quite naturally. We discuss his strained relationship with his father and growing up in an interesting family dynamic. From there we move on to his life as it is now, from meeting the love of his life to proposing to her...but what happens between point A to B is rather comical.

That's a compliment, Dayton.

This episode was recorded outdoors while Dayton was at work, so there may be some exterior noises that creep up into the conversation and we are also forced to stop/start the chat a few times as he interacts with customers. So for the first time in [his] life, we present...Dayton...this is your life!

Aug 21, 2017

The news of the world that we live in today can range from the outlandish to the out-of-handish, and everything in between. This episode of the podcast was recorded in the studio on Wednesday August 16th, 2017, and as you can tell, it's not exactly breaking news. It's a random idea from two random guys, as finally my good buddy Fred arrives at the studio and helps me read the newspaper headlines (online and in print) that grab our attention, and stay tuned to hear the whole conversation descend into a totally useless debate about what a 'truly' selfie is.

Grab your popcorn, because what we are presenting is a light-hearted (see - please don't take this week's episode too seriously) glance at the news today, sourcing info starting from our local Ottawa papers to the BBC, CNN, LA Times and more, just to give you 40 minutes spent that you will never get back! Enjoy this Special - The News of the World on the Nobodies Are Somebodies podcast.

This has been Chad Vice, good night...

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